Our Club


St. Louis Dirt Burners Off-Road R/C Racing Club is a non-profit club with our facility in Kirkwood, Missouri. Memberships are offered on a Seasonal basis (January through December) and are valid from the date of the purchase until the end of the year.

Single and Family membership entitles members to discounted race fees, voting privileges, website photo gallery, members forum, and a 10% discount on most items at the participating local hobby shops. Club membership dues pay for club operations, racing events, track/facility maintenance, advertising, and other club expenses.

By becoming a member you are helping the club survive and entitled to provide input on future club decisions and actions. We also hope you will be willing to help with maintenance, construction, materials, or other way(s) when possible.  


By becoming a Club Member you will be entitled to Discounted Race Fees, Discounted Club Gear, Discount at participating Local Hobby Shops, as well Voting Privileges on Club Business.

Our Club Members have been invaluable over the 20+ years of the Club's existence. We value our Club Members and are always looking for new ways to reward Members who show dedication to the Club's mission.


Kirk Eidel 


The President is responsible for day-to-day oversight of the Club. From communicating with members, vendors, and others, to organizing repairs, rebuilds, and procuring equipment and supplies needed for Club activities. Duties include ensuring operations and events are executed according to Club, Vendor, and City of Kirkwood rules and standards.




Mike Marshall 

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the Club President in his duties as well as ensuring weekly Club Racing events are ran successfully. Duties include everything from ensuring the equipment and facility are available and working for events to ensuring the Park, Facility, and Racing Program are kept up to both the City of Kirkwood and Club standards.


Colton Kiefer 


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of income and expenses and paying Vendors and the City of Kirkwood as outlined in our agreement(s). Duties include everything from day-to-day accounting and paperwork to attracting, maintaining, and growing the Club Sponsorship relations with local and industry businesses.


Nate Jaskot 

Track Manager

The Track Manager is responsible for organizing rebuilds, designing and building layouts, track maintenance, maintaining a safe facility and ensuring the track surface and facility are up to Club and Industry standards. Duties include everything from driving Bobcat's and rebuilding the track layout from scratch to draining and maintaining the track when necessary.