Club Racing


1/8th Scale Buggy and Truggy Class - Nitro or Electric are some of the most popular classes available. With the recent trend of more manufacturers offering quality car kits and lower prices, these classes have become extremely popular. These classes continue to grow as the prices come down and competition increases and both Nitro and Electric are popular.

Short Course or Stadium Truck classes modeled after their real-life counterparts have exploded in popularity in recent years. Offered in Ready-To-Run (RTR) 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive kits and your choice of either Electric or Nitro. This class is a great way to get started and offers plenty of great close quarters racing action at an affordable price.

1/10th Scale Electric Buggy and Truck classes have been around since the beginning of R/C racing. These lightweight and powerful vehicles provide a challenging and rewarding experience where driver skill and experience shine. Once thought to be dead, these classes are still popular offering 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive buggy and truck kits.

Novice Class is available and open to any vehicle and designed for new drivers just starting in R/C racing. This class is open to anyone who is not comfortable running in their vehicle's normal class or who's vehicle does not meet the rules or requirements for our other classes. This is a great way to get started and learn what a R/C racing event is like.


How many times do I race?

Weekly Saturday racing consists of 2 Qualifying races and at least 1 Main Event race. Your best qualifying run will determine your starting position for the Main Event.

How long is a race?

Qualifying races are 5 minutes in length for all classes. Main Event races vary in length from 5-10 minutes for Electric classes, and 10-15 minutes for Nitro Classes.

What if I win my Main Event race?

The top 2 cars of all Main Events except the 'A-Main' will bump-up and run the next-highest Main Event race for their class. (For example: 1st and 2nd place in B-Main will bump in to A-Main)

How many people in a race?

Races are typically setup with 10 drivers on track at a time. Main Event races are normally setup with 8 drivers and 2 empty slots for the bump-up drivers.

How do I get scored?

A computerized scoring system made by the same people who time/score large-scale racing events. House transponders are available free at the track for easy mounting in your vehicle if you need a transponder.

What if I break down?

Breaks between your heats and the break between qualfying rounds provides time for repairs and maintenance, If you need a part, ask around, most racers won't hesitate to help get you back on the track.