Club Memberships Now Available Online!

The Club Memberships have been moved and made available online. This will let the club track and update our membership better going forward. Sign-up for your Club Membership today quick and easy Online!

We are also glad to move the website and switch hosting providers away from GoDaddy which should provide a much more stable and reliable platform for the site.

Remember Kids: (If you want any kind of decent performance)

Unfortunately, moving the website combined with requirements for the new Membership system, all of the old accounts created before March 15th, 2017 have been deleted and will require new account registration for all users going forward.

Once you have created an account, you will see a “Club Membership” section under the “My Account” page that will allow you to track your Membership Account Renew Membership, and Print your Membership Card.

St. Louis Dirt Burners

St. Louis Dirt Burners Off-Road R/C Racing Club is a non-profit club with our facility in Kirkwood, Missouri. Memberships are offered on a Seasonal basis (January through December) and are valid from the date of the purchase until the end of the year.

Single and Family membership entitles members to discounted race fees, voting privileges, website photo gallery, members forum, and a 10% discount on most items at the participating local hobby shops. Club membership dues pay for club operations, racing events, track/facility maintenance, advertising, and other club expenses.

By becoming a member you are helping the club survive and entitled to provide input on future club decisions and actions. We also hope you will be willing to help with maintenance, construction, materials, or other way(s) when possible.

Our Club Members have been invaluable over the 20+ years of the Club’s existence. We value our Club Members and are always looking for new ways to reward Members who show dedication to the Club’s mission.

St. Louis Dirt Burners

To sign-up for a Club Membership, just go to your “My Account” page, and Register your Account. After successfully registering your Account, you can then Click the “View Your Membership Account” link in the Club Membership section on the “My Account” page to setup your Membership.

Note: As stated above. Everyone will need to Register a New Account as all old website accounts were not compatible with the new Membership system.

If anyone experiences problems with the Membership System, please use the Contact Form on the “About” page to let us know about your issue(s).

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